Accidental Damage Waiver (ADW)

Accidental Damage Waiver (ADW) provides you with peace of mind during your holiday. Whilst you may opt out, we recommend this in all cases, and the cost will be included with all quotations, with the exception of properties with specific Refundable Damage Bonds. Opting out may result in a Refundable Damage Bond of up to 500€ being payable prior to arrival, and returnable (subject to satisfactory check) minus a 10€ Bank Charge applied.

We want to enable you to enjoy your holiday accommodation and not worry about the implications of the everyday accidental damages that can occur. We feel that the majority of our clients would prefer a small, non-refundable cost over a larger refundable Damage Bond. Accidents do happen and ADW protects you from having to pay out for damages you accidentally cause to your rental property.

How is cover obtained?

Automatically.  ADW is automatically included with any quotation. Upon acceptance of this quotation, and instruction to proceed with your booking, ADW will be detailed on the Booking Statement.

What is covered?

ADW covers you, and guests detailed on your Booking Form, for any accidental damage done to your holiday rental property or its fixtures, household items, fittings, linen, towels or furnishings, up to the value of 500€ for properties with 3 bedrooms or less, or up to the value of 750€ for properties with 4 or more bedrooms. You will be liable for any damage above your applicable limit.
This cover is valid for your entire stay and any cost or repair of covered accidental damage will be dealt with directly by Sun Beach Holiday Rentals SL (SBH) and the rental property manager, thereby removing any further worry or stress.

What is not covered?

Any amounts over and above the ADW limit applicable to your property. Intentional acts of negligence or misconduct by you or any member of your party.
Any loss or damage if you, or member of your party, fail to take reasonable and responsible measures to protect the rental property.
Any loss or damage if you, or a member of your party, fail to report such said loss or damage to SBH or the rental property manager prior to your departure date.
Any loss or damage caused by any pet or animal not authorised by SBH to enter the property or its surrounding grounds.
Theft without forced entry.

How much does ADW cost?

The cost is 4% to 5% of your total property rental, dependent upon the accommodation of your choice. It will be automatically calculated and included on the quotation provided.

How do I opt out of ADW?

To opt out, you must advise, by email to SBH, that you do not require this cover. It will then be removed from your quotation and once accepted and request to proceed has been obtained, a Booking Statement will be issued. You will then be subject to a refundable Damage Bond, payable prior to arrival.
Whilst ADW can be added to your booking at any time, prior to arrival, once any payment has been made for your holiday rental accommodation, you will be unable to remove ADW, and it is non refundable in all cases.