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Roblox announces AI Assistant and more features to boost its creator economy

Metaverse platform Roblox has introduced two new generative AI tools for game developers in beta called Code Assist and Material Generator. The new features follow Roblox’s generative AI strategy that the company recently outlined, aiming at accelerating and streamlining object design and deployment in its digital universe. Users can develop games and experiences through Roblox Studio, which brings people together through the Roblox community. The tool could also generate realistic textures for the materials users have in mind, including those for a “bright red rock cnayon” and “stained glass.” Meanwhile, the other AI tool, Material Generator, allows Roblox users to create a variety of objects by describing what it looks like to the tool.

roblox launches its generative ai game

Some AI researchers are experimenting with similar techniques for generating video and 3D content, but this is mostly at an early stage. Roblox’s generative AI tools are far cry from the tools the company wants its users to utilize and enjoy. Corazza revealed that the tools could still generate “incorrect” or “misleading” information that users should review, test, and determine if the generated content is “contextually appropriate.” Creative Studio is available to Pixis’ current brand partners and will launch for new customers next year, Mishra says. A new voice-isolation feature for the iPhone 15, for example, uses machine learning to recognize and home in on the sound of your voice, quieting background noise on phone calls.

The Value of Generative AI for Our Creators

She says improvements that allow for better color, or zoom, or automate portraits are important for Apple because the camera is a major driver of smartphone purchases. If you want to benefit from the AI, you can check our data-driven lists for AI platforms, consultants and companies. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data.

This is similar to what Roblox is doing but involves using AI coding to change not just game creation but gameplay itself. Mishra emphasized that Pixis has “manual overrides” to steer its AI when necessary and that it takes a “fine-tuning” approach to better control the content that its models create. I’d hope that Pixis encourages human oversight of the platform’s generative AI features. But once they realized how large the addressable market for AI in marketing was becoming, Mishra, Valiyath and Prasade decided to pivot. Together, they built a prototype to generate marketing assets, which caught the attention of a large bank chain.

roblox launches its generative ai game

The GitHub Copilot AI coding assistant was one of Microsoft’s earliest projects employing OpenAI’s large language models, and the  pair programmer has become very popular. On the visual front, Roblox creators have already started using text-to-image AI tools like DALL-E and Midjourney, and OpenAI recently opened a new dimension of creation through its POINT-E text-to-object generative AI  tool. Roblox has plans to encourage creators to embed all kinds of generative AI tools in its metaverse in addition to its home-grown features.

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On the other hand, the coding tool is meant for builders with some coding experience, but will be valuable to both beginners and experts. The new device comes with the A17 Pro processor, an Apple-designed chip to put more power behind machine-learning algorithms. But the features highlighted at the launch event yesterday were generally subtle, Yakov Livshits not mind expanding. The company appears focused on AI that is intuitive not generative, making artificial intelligence a part of your life that smoothes over glitches or offers helpful predictions without being intrusive. Apple made a similar choice to ignore the generative AI bandwagon earlier this year at its developer conference in June.

  • Corazza stated that while the company does not always suggest a perfect code, the environment that the platform created is a natural place to play around, discover new things, and produce imperfect, generative test cases.
  • We are also developing easier ways for creators to detect duplicates of their items and more easily report, manage, and track IP claims.
  • We have already heard from Roblox creators about how they are using this technology to create.
  • Until now, only select users and brands who had been approved as part of Roblox’s UGC Program could list and sell items.
  • Technology dubbed generative AI has captured attention and investment over the past year by showing that algorithms can produce seemingly coherent text and aesthetically pleasing images when given a short text prompt.

Smartphones have become hard to improve on with transformative new features, and overall the iPhone 15 rollout was underwhelming, says Tuong Nguyen, director analyst at Gartner covering emerging technology. But Apple excels at the kind of interface design that makes subtle AI-powered features work. The industry-leading media platform offering competitive intelligence to prepare for today and anticipate opportunities for future success. “Roblox Connect hasn’t launched yet, so we’re still finalizing technology and our safety measures,” says Juliet Chaitin-Lefcourt, Roblox’s head of product communications. Bookings last quarter for Roblox totaled nearly $781 million, up 20 percent year over year.

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In both cases, this unlocks new creative opportunities so we all benefit from a more diverse set of ideas, and bigger, more ambitious projects being shared on the platform. Earlier this year, we released Code Assist and Material Generator into beta and we’ve already seen great success with both tools. Since releasing Code Assist, we’ve seen the amount of code generated double compared to our previous autocomplete solution.

roblox launches its generative ai game

We’ll also continue expanding on the ability to express emotion through avatars, going beyond facial expressions to hand gestures and upper body movements, and new machine learning (ML) techniques that enable more realistic avatar movement. In the near future, a person’s avatar will mirror their exact facial expressions, right down to the same blink rate. All of this is important to enable people to have emotional connections in these immersive experiences in the same way we do outside of them. First, the tools have to be suited to things a user would create, and how they might fit into an in-experience creation environment.

Roblox announces AI Assistant and more features to boost its creator economy

Creators using the beta for Material Generator, which enables them to generate material variants with text prompts, increased their use of physics-based rendering (PBR) material variations by more than 50 percent compared to creators not using the beta. We empower creators of experiences by providing the policies, tools, and insights to define what civility means for their community. By empowering creators, we enable them to incorporate context, such as what’s appropriate for their audience. Today, developers can use the IsVerified API to better manage access to features within their experiences based on a person’s account verification level. This can be used to grant access to specific parts of the experience or help them better manage in-experience moderation.

roblox launches its generative ai game

At RDC, we announced Roblox Connect, a new way for friends to call each other as their avatars—together in a shared experience. Roblox Assistant and the other new tools continue the company’s generative AI strategy for simplifgying digital world and experience creation. The goal is to make it as easy for those with no technical training to do so as it is for long-time coding experts. Roblox CEO David Baszucki has even suggested the movie and TV show Westworld with its hyper-real robots as a guiding light (presumably without the ethical chaos and murders).

Aside from benefiting players with richer gameplay experiences, this new feature empowers developers to create unique content effortlessly. With access to an infinite pool of generated assets, they can rapidly prototype Yakov Livshits games without spending hours designing every element manually. This level of efficiency enables them to focus more on creating engaging gameplay mechanics rather than getting stuck in the nitty-gritty details.

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As these tools evolve rapidly across the industry, I wanted to provide some updates on the progress we’ve made, the road that’s still ahead to democratize generative AI creation, and why we think generative AI is a critical element for where Roblox is going. Developers at Supersocial, a company that makes Roblox games for lifestyle brands, have been using a tool called MidJourney to test out new designs for in-game objects. MidJourney is one of several new art tools that use AI to generate images in response to a text prompt. “It’s at an early stage, but it creates ways to build more innovatively,” says Yonatan Raz-Fridman, Supersocial’s CEO. Roblox reportedly mentioned that it is launching its first AI tools for beta testing on Mar. 22, allowing those who wish to test out its new generative AI game creation tools for themselves and provide feedback on them, per Engadget.

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“I think what we have seen is a transformation where a lot of the strictly technical skills will be picked up by AI, and then it will leave creators more high-level controls,” Corazza says. With this introduction of Generative AI technology into Roblox games, players will encounter unprecedented levels of creativity and innovation. Each session will present novel challenges and scenarios, making every gaming experience truly one-of-a-kind. The use of Generative AI also ensures that developers have a limitless supply of ideas to constantly refresh their games. For example, some creators know how to code, but may have limited experience creating high-fidelity 3D models.